3 Astonishing Places To Visit In Pakistan This Winter Season
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3 Astonishing Places To Visit In Pakistan This Winter Season

People who are planning to visit Pakistan in winter season, then don't forget to visit northern areas. It is a good country where you can travel and enjoy your trip by spending the minimum amount of money. Actually Pakistan is from one of the most beautiful countries present in the world especially its northern areas. And these areas will definitely look amazing in winter season. All these valleys will fully cover with snow. That will make it look more amazing, and if you are traveling, then you should prefer to visit these areas in winters.

You will find different cultures and traditions in this country, it has ancient places that will give you traces of Hinduism and Buddhism. There are lots of attractions present in Pakistan that belong to ancient times. Which include Buddhist shrines, Islamic places, Hindu temples, and Muslim mansions. Urdu is the national language of this heritage country. Here in this article we are discussing about some amazing places you should prefer to visit in Pakistan in winter season:


Make a plan to visit the Neelum Valley:

Actually, there are lots of different attractions present in Pakistan that you should visit. So your Pakistan trip will be incomplete without seeing the Neelum Valley present in Azad Kashmir. It is present in the opposite sector of Karan that is actually held by India. This Valley starts from Chella Bandi Bridge located on the north side of Muzaffarabad. Which is also the capital of Azad Kashmir and ends at the Tau Butt. Basically, this is one of the most beautiful place present all around the world. And it consists of several brooks, streams of fresh water, dense forests, rivers and lush green mountains.


Don’t forget to visit famous Murree:

Another beautiful place that you should prefer to visit in winter season during your visit in Pakistan. This is actually the most amazing place that anyone would like to visit.  Actually, this is most famous vocational spot of all Pakistani’s. Actually, this place is  best for both seasons. And people love to come to this spot both in winters and summers. Actually, heavy snowfall will make this place more amazing and fun and will make your winter season just perfect. 


Prefer to visit Switzerland of Pakistan SWAT:

Another amazing place that you can visit in the winter season of Pakistan. Swat valley is also known as a mini Switzerland version of Pakistan. That will look more beautiful in winter season. So if you are travelling from Pia Flight from Birmingham to Islamabad. Then don’t forget to visit this place. As your tour will be incomplete without visiting this place.

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Basically, this valley is full of adventure spots and you will definitely enjoy while playing with the smooth and silky snow. It consists of natural beauty, along with its attractive meadows, highlands, waterfalls and flawless lakes. All these things will make this place more attractive, especially for foreign travelers.  So if you are visiting Pakistan for the very first time, then you shouldn’t forget to visit this place.

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