8 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Space Planning Process Begins
Published: 2019-07-22   Views: 94
Author: aveacontractinguae
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Space planning is the first and an essential stage in the process of interior design. One of the functions of an interior designer in Dubai is to make a detailed analysis of the basic structure that he or she may be hired to design, so as to optimize space and structure in a perfect harmony. The mark of a good interior designer is how he can optimize the design of a structure to create the feeling of more space, regardless of the actual amount of space there is.

Planning is thus, extremely important. An ill-planned design can lead to an awkward room environment. But while this may require looking for the best interior designer in Dubai, you may also have to step in occasionally, as the homeowner, to direct your own requirements and expectation regarding your owned space. Therefore, we have compiled a list of all the questions that you need to prepare answers for before your interior designer comes through the door. These are as follows:

1. What are the functions of this room? In the modern world, spaces are no longer used for a singular purpose. Due to the shortage of living space, in the world in general, rooms are now being used to serve multiple purposes, such as dining cum living room. So you have to have a clear idea as to how a certain space will be used and for what.

2. How many people will use the room? It is important to state clearly how many people will be using a room and for what purpose. With this concise idea in mind, hire a renowned interior design company in Dubai so as to move forward with a layout that allows ample space for everyone.

3. What existing furniture will be used? A good space plan employs an efficient use of existing furniture, so as homeowners you need to think of all the furniture that is going to be used in the new place.

4. What are your space requirements? Do you need your rooms to be open and airy or cozy, minimal or serene? These are specifications that you need to have a clear idea about and mention them to your interior design consultants in Dubai.

5. How much natural light is available and what kinds of lighting will be needed? The provision of natural light is must and having it fully utilized, even better! But at times that does not seem feasible or acts as a hindrance in planning. So, try to make the most of it or decide what type and kind of lighting you prefer.

Hire a residential interior design company and let them know about any last wish you may have regarding the designing of the room. Ensure you carefully consider all your points because if it isn’t the way you wished for, it’s a waste!

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