Hair Highlights: Dos And Don’ts!
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Hair Highlights: Dos And Don’ts!

Keeping up with hair trends is not just tricky, but also hectic. Even then, one thinks of getting one’s hair highlighted at least once! Getting your hair highlighted is more than just adding streaks or a touch of color to your hair. It gives you a completely different look and appeal, adds more dimension and portrays a new side of you that would not be visible otherwise. Hair highlights are a great option if you are not looking to change your hairstyle, do a complete makeover or color all of your hair. They are quite useful if you just want to make your hair more attractive by a much easier method.

Although it is a simple process, there are a few things that you must be particular about if you are planning on getting hair highlights. For starters, deciding which color, or rather which shade to choose and how it complements you is tougher than the process itself! And the other part is – maintenance. There’s a common misconception that once you have the highlights, you’re good to go. That is completely false. Colored hair always needs extra attention and care to maintain it.


Following are the Dos and Don’ts when it comes to opting for and maintaining hair highlights!


Placement of Streaks

It is very important to know that the placement of the streaks on your hair essentially makes it look good overall. Especially with brighter colors, it is better to get thicker chunks and dark streaks at the hair roots. This means that the brighter colors should always be around the face which helps you frame it, and it will always stand out in the sunlight. Similarly, it should be sparse and dark at the roots to make the highlights stand out even more. 

Amount of Color

The key difference between hair highlights and completely coloring your hair is the amount of color you use. Getting your hair over highlighted makes your hair seem worn out and does not show the streaks at all, which are the most attractive part of highlighting. Different people have different skin tones, hair types, natural colors, etc. Considering this, it is important to get the streaks just right, so that it complements your overall look. Different amount of highlights shows a significant change in the depth, tone and volume. 

Choosing the Right Color

It is often recommended that you get highlights of a color that matches well with your natural hair color, and blends in smoothly. If you have brown hair, beige will suit well. Similarly, if your hair’s base color is neutral, you can opt for any other color that consistently sets a tone. There must always be a contrast between your skin tone and your choice of color. Consult with Sanctuary’s expert hair stylists to know which color works the best for you! 


The most important part of doing any kind of treatment to your hair, not just highlighting, is maintaining it to have the most lasting effect. Using the right kind of conditioners and shampoos extend the effects of the hair highlights and maintains the shiny streaks. Here are a few tips to maintain your hair after highlighting:
– Wash hair with normal water.
– Don’t get your hair colored so often.
– Don’t use hard conditioners.
– Don’t use a strong base shampoo.


Multiple Colors

The most appealing hair highlights are those that smoothly blend in with your natural hair color and skin tone. Adding too many colors at the same time also add multiple dimensions to your hair and significantly affect your hair’s depth, volume and tone. The most ideal method is to use two colors at a time, one for the highlight that frames your face and the other for the roots. Using too many colors also makes your hair look very unnatural and over processed. 

Hair Products

There are a certain number of products that will help you maintain your hair after getting it treated. But it is also important to know how much of those products to use. We suggest not washing your hair with shampoo too often, only twice a week should be fine. Make sure you condition your hair every time you shampoo. Avoid using strong shampoos such as clarifying shampoos as they could remove the dye pigments from the hair. Avoid using too much hairspray, as it could damage the highlights.

Very Light Colors

The colors you choose must always complement the base color of your hair and also give your frame an accent. Your colors should make you stand out at all times. Choosing very light colors will give your frame a very dull and a pale look and the accents will look washed out. We suggest that you choose a color that is perhaps three to four shades lighter than your base color.

Very Hot Water

Although one enjoys a long hot shower, it is not recommended if you have had your hair colored recently. Hot water opens your hair cuticles, which allows your color to wash out while using a shampoo and conditioner. Using little lukewarm water and rinsing with cold water after conditioning traps the moisture in the hair and gives you a lasting effect.

If you are wondering which is the best salon in Orlando, Florida to get the perfect hair color highlights, drop by at Sanctuary Med Spa and Salon today and let us help you get the look you desire, give you tips for choosing the right colors and streaks placement, and help you maintain it for the longest time!

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