‘Rudraksha’ – A Tool Of Personal Welfare
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Author: Rudrajyoothi41
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‘Rudraksha’ – A Tool Of Personal Welfare

Apart from having significant spiritual importance, Rudraksha beads are also used as medicine in Ayurveda for both as preventive and curative practices.

Extensive studies have been done on various aspects of Rudraksha and its effects on the human body. It is found that Rudraksha beads are electromagnetic in nature when worn around the chest, they enhance and align with our own body field.

The metal components like radium, copper, manganese, iron, gold, and silver are present in alkaloid forms in the beads and react in a positive manner when they come in contact with the skin.

Rudraksha seeds are bipolar seeds. Higher the Mukhi count, higher the circles of magnetism. Rudraksha helps in increasing the magnetic field of wearer’s body as it helps in combating diseases and aging.

  1. Due to the constant rubbing of the beads around the neck and the force exerted around the heart region of a person’s body. Rudraksha beads help one stabilize the heart rate, prevent problems like cardiac arrest or hypertension and maintain the blood circulation.
  2. Rudraksha beads can hold on to negative energies around without letting them harm us.
  3. Rudraksha beads, when kept in water, make it a rich source of Vitamin C which helps improve the anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties in our bodies.
  4. Since the beads are anti-bacterial and pure, these are used by devotees for chanting.
  5. Rudraksha beads generate positive vibrations, which results in gaining emotional stability.
  6. The beads also help control blood pressure, diabetes and are cardioprotective in nature
  7. We have all seen people wearing Rudraksha beads on necks, wrists, and arms. And more often than not, we generalize them into the ‘religious’ category.

    What if we were to tell you, wearing a Rudraksha is more scientific than religious, and it can help you in numerous ways to improve your overall wellbeing? Would you believe us? Yes, after reading this article, you would.

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We Rudrajyoothi healing gallery basically deal into rudraksha. We do exhibition all over the country. We provide free consultation according to the birth date that which rudraksha combination can the consult person wear  for betterment of his mental as well as physical health.

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