Shopify UAE - Why It’s The Best CMS?
Published: 2019-12-06   Views: 98
Author: prowebtechnos
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The term "online presence" has been a buzz word for ecommerce businesses to establish themselves. The first priority should be the selection of the best CMS to maximize the benefits and potential while ensuring that best quality website is created. Those who are searching for a CMS to initiate, Shopify would be a good recommendation. Having a closer look at the awesome features made available by them for users can further validate their presence as best CMS solutions available:

1. Web Hosting

Hosting is an essential feature that website owners don't have to worry about since it’s essentially taken care of. Shopify actually remove the task of maintaining the software program, manage payment gateways or site servers. One don't require to remunerate for hosting since all essential functions needing technical expertise are managed. It’s fruitful to save your resources and allows smooth running of your business. This is the best solution for start-ups who are looking to commence.

2. SEO

Another crucial requirement for every website owners is Search engine optimization which helps in enhancing their online presence, ranking and visibility to draw more viewer traffic as well as potential customers. Shopify is equipped by SEO features and integrated tools even in their basic packages. It’s helpful for website owners to easily address search engines while much of their time is spent working on improvising features on their website.

3. Security

From handling security compliance to upgrade and hacker protection for preventing data hacks and security breaches. It will allow business owners to focus more on user registration and raising money instead. Moreover, they will also get the assurance of dedicated support whenever required. It’s ideal for startups having the necessity of robust solutions without any further expenses with valuable insight and assistance.

4. Analytics

It’s imperative for business owners to keep a track of online store/website progress to constantly improvise, which can only be achieved by analysis. Shopify provides comprehensive analytic features useful for business owners to keep a track of how they were located online and other fundamental information useful to improve marketing efforts. Also, business owners can utilize targeted email marketing and affiliate sales with add-ons offered from the Shopify app store.

5. Marketing Tools

Shopify UAE has been primarily created for marketing purposes, offering essential marketing tools. Here users can utilize a complete range of services without the needs to break out coding as a resort. Some examples include setting discount codes, use custom gift cards, integrate social media, set-up product costs, and manage inventory!

6. Content Marketing

Content marketing is an important aspect for ensuring consistent organic traffic and social shares. In Shopify users can grow their business by blogging through a built-in blogging software interface. It includes features to develop SEO-friendly content blogging with relative ease.

7. Customization

The biggest advantage of Shopify is easy customization features that can be used even by business owners having no IT knowledge.  It's both convenient and simple whenever it’s about setting an online store. Simple guides and instructions are also included to facilitate the whole design process.

8. Templates

Shopify provides a wide range of beautiful template designs, however some of them are free while some require payment. Here users can select according to their preference and apply the required changes and would be able to use their online store!

9. Third Party Apps

Business owners who depends heavily on third-party software tools for enhancing business processes. Shopify offers additional convenience by allowing integrations with tools like Woo Commerce, which streamlines the entire processes and eliminate the need of individually accessing several programs.

10. Mobile

For improvising the business progress, Shopify has added mobile features with their app. Now business owners can accept payments, manage online store, streamline experiences and more!

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This article is written by Mr. JC Thomas who is associated with Pro Web - Unisys. Pro Web - Unisys expertise is the Web Development, Design & Marketing. They have designed and developed more than 1000 websites & offer complete solutions for design and development. They provide custom-made application, and have a wide-range of digital marketing services at most affordable rates. For more details, call +971528050084

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