Which Type Of Cleaning Service You Require: Deep Clean Or Regular Clean?
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Are you juggling to choose between deep cleaning and regular cleaning services? Don't worry you aren't alone. It's renowned fact that professional cleaning services bring good deal of benefits to the table.

But it’s also evitable that few things are mandatory to be known before selecting a deep clean and regular clean service. Let's have a look on major benefits as well as benefits between these 2 types of services getting popular across the globe:

What is a Regular Cleaning Service?

Professionals offering a regular cleaning service will accomplish tasks anyone or everyone does to clean his/her house on a regular basis. However, difference would be the designed ways of maintaining a good level of cleanliness around your home.

The regular clean services typically perform activities like:

  • Tidying the house
  • Vacuuming & mopping floors
  • Cleaning of kitchenette- outside of appliances, wiping surfaces, cleaning trash
  • Cleaning bathroom- sink, toilet, bath, mirror etc.

These tasks are usually not much time taking; however they essentially keep your home free from dirt, dust & other debris.

What is Deep Cleaning Service?

It's evident from the name itself; deep cleaning is something what anyone would prefer to invest, if looking to hire professional cleaners. It's certainly more expensive than regular cleaning but required to be done once in every 6 months or so.

The deep cleaning concept usually involves removal of deep dirt & grim from every corner of your house including areas that’s typically not-covered in regular cleaning which includes:

  • Deep & complete dusting of switch boards & other important areas
  • Removal of soap froth scale and scum from kitchen tiles, bathroom tiles, shower heads etc.
  • Clean behind appliances: microwave ovens, washing machines etc.
  • Washing interior parts of glass windows.
  • Immaculating interiors of microwave ovens and glass windows.
  • Absolute dusting of switch boards and glass doors.

Now it’s evident that deep cleaning is far more thorough than regular cleaning services that's why requires more time to get completed.

Which one should be chosen?

If you are ready to hire a professional cleaning companies in Sharjah, and still wondering what type of cleaning to begin with. In most cases, scheduling a deep clean is a smart move.

But before proceeding any further, try and consult with experts to determine appropriate option for your cleaning requirements can also be viable. However most of professional cleaning service providers are known for delivering customer centric quality cleaning services at the most affordable prices.

Touq Al Yasmeen Cleaning Services is a premium cleaning & housekeeping service provider catering to both residential and commercial spaces. We’re having a dedicated team of experts offering a full range of personalized, flexible and professional, highest standard residential and commercial cleaning service while still adhering to our traditional values.


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This article is written by Joy who is associated with Touq Al Yasmeen Cleaning Services. She is a passionate writer who holds expertise in writing about professional cleaning services. She has been associated with this company from a long period of time and writes on the significance of various cleaning services for residential and commercial spaces.

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