Why Codeigniter Is Crucial For Building Rich-Featured Web Applications
Published: 2020-01-17   Views: 78
Author: suzannerivera
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There are more than 50 PHP frameworks which are offering tools to make Programming and PHP coding as simple as it can be. However, Codeigniter is the framework which is ideal for developing a fully functional website. There are several features that help folks to select this, over other PHP frameworks. Below mentioned points will explain the various features which make it popular among others. Hire web app development Service for detailed information.

Rapid Development and Easily Customizable

When compared with other frameworks, it has been observed that this requires less time for developing applications and websites. You can say, this platform is a time-saver as it gives you the best result at a minimal time possible. Secondly, it is easily customizable which means you can develop websites that fits your business needs and requirements. In this, developers can edit or tweak the applications without rectifying or modifying any bugs. It is the ready-to-use framework which can use tools plus codes in an efficient manner. You can find that your website is developed in a short period of time.

Reliable to use and Easily Handle Errors

As it’s an open source, it is quite safe to use. It can be modified as per the need of client or requirement of a web developer. Moreover, techniques of handling error are used so that it can help to fix code errors in a proficient way. For a transparent error handling, and safer use, hire Codeigniter Developer.

Encryption facilities

No need to tell that you required utmost security and encryption to in-built classes and libraries so that it can prevent from attacks of SQL injections. With the help of Codeigniter, you can do attain security in a few simple steps. For a web developer, safety and security of data is a prime concern. With this framework, you are assured with security.

Installation Procedures is not required

Gone are the days when you have to face the problem of installing the new framework. With that so may configuration tasks were involved which were complicated and hectic one. once you selected this framework, you need not perform modifications. All-in-all, you can say, you just need to upload those files which are needed and start with it instantly.

Code Duplication is less

Most of the PHP development work on a writing a code function, which is present either adding in the class or in the pages. Due to which duplication is found in the same chunk where the code is written. But Codeigniter takes care of it and do not show duplication of code as it writes codes in modules rather than adding on the page or in class. Codes which are written is not messed up as it is divided into modules, controllers and views. This ultimately leads to the smooth execution of the coding and it becomes easier for web developers.

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