Elemental Benchmarks For Shopify UAE Stores
Published: 2020-01-18   Views: 56
Author: prowebtechnos
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Rigorous benchmark data is specifically useful for the ecommerce companies adopting web performance benchmarks; home page reliability and bounce rates as essential elements of key performance indicators (kpi's) in sales and marketing. Accepting benchmarks is necessary step of the success.

Here's a detailed report on the latest trends in benchmarking, prepared by analyzing 500+ Shopify retailers:

  • Average Revenue

The Average revenue per paying user (ARPU) or Average order value (AOV) is the sum of monthly revenue divided by total number of transacting users in 1 month. It's simply the measure of how good the business is doing in-terms of up-selling and cross-selling products, dependent on the product mix. But what is good average order value for Shopify UAE stores? The benchmark is AED 254.

However if you are a smaller Shopify store, average gets slightly lower (AED 234). More than AED 440.75 average order value will place you in the top 4 position, since top-performing stores in the ecommerce sector averages AED 7639.64 per order!

Shopify stores having lower average order value than the benchmark, must try increasing their average checkout value by cross-selling other products, offer free shipping above a minimum order value or increase prices on selected products.

  • Conversion Ratio

Conversion rate is decided from total number of purchases divided by total number of sessions. Majority of online visitors take more that 1 session for making a decision about purchase, which itself is the approved parameter of conversion rate. Simply it's a measure of how fit your product is in attracting traffic, and how good your website is in converting this traffic into customers. But what is a good conversion rate for Shopify stores? The benchmark is 1.85%.

Big stores have raised this to 1.95%, and if you are more than 2.7% you are in the top 4 positions. The highest conversion rate by any Shopify is 8%. But can you increase the conversion rate by improving the checkout process or appealing product displays? Well embellish ecommerce tracking will help you identify the exact blockers and their position.

  • Bounce Rate

Nowadays 70% of online searches are made through mobile phones, assuring your website is responsive even on small screens is imperative for sales and branding. Average bounce rate is the total percentage of visits done on a single page only – and will be higher if your landing pages are non-engaging.

Google changes the ranking of any page on SERP's on the basis of visitors bouncing back from your webpage – a bad indication that your link was not useful. But what is percent of good bounce rate for mobile searches? The benchmark is 47.5%.

Leading Shopify stores have maintained this below 40%, and majority of big retailers have 38% bounce rate on mobile. It's not a problem with Shopify platform, its the store theme – or how the products can be easily displayed on smaller screens. You can enhance the first impression of landing pages by putting the key content on top of the page, or decrease the page load speed to reduce that bounce rate.

  • Page Load Delay

The actual page load time and request made by user to actually click on that page. This is more crucial than full page load speed for AJAX / DOM Interactive Time. But what is a good delay time for page content to appear? The benchmark for Shopify stores is 2.70 seconds. Big websites have lowered it up to 2.9 secs; however anything less than 3 seconds is acceptable. It’s highly recommended for developers to actively look at Google Page Speed Insights for details.

  • Server Response

Generally this part of page load speed is outside of your control – depends on the speed of the website servers. The good server response time for any Shopify stores is 322ms, which can be 542ms for large ecommerce stores.

  • Reliability on Homepage

It’s the percentage of visitors landing on your homepage, which if below 40% you are dependent on your homepage. Google gives priority to websites having larger volume of landing pages having targeted keyword phrases. The benchmark for a reliable homepage on Shopify stores is 32%. Big stores with number of landing pages have reduced traffic landing on the homepage to 7.3%. Can you build out product landing pages and inbound links to copy their advantage?


Are you ready to start scaling your ecommerce business? Pro Web is a leading developer of robust ecommerce websites to get accurate benchmarking. It’s also important to fix your analytics for proper tracking, to assure where your website stands for staying more focused on making changes that drive revenue and increase conversions!

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This article is written by Mr. JC Thomas who is associated with Pro Web - Unisys. Pro Web - Unisys expertise is the Web Development, Design & Marketing. They have designed and developed more than 1000 websites & offer complete solutions for design and development. They provide custom-made application, and have a wide-range of digital marketing services at most affordable rates. For more details, call +971528050084

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