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How Do I Get A Professional Part Time Top Executive Chef Jobs In Hotel?

When I started eggbeater I didn't really understand the internet, and I didn't know people from everywhere would be reading it, or even that they would get to it from someplace other than the exact location I was writing it fromPart time Top executive chef jobs in hotel. You could say I was naive. You'd be correct, and diplomatic.People want to know how they can become a chef, pastry chef, or even start cooking professionally. People want to know what to do when the kitchens they work in suck. Female cooks want to know exactly how much harassment they should take. Everyone wants me to tell them which is the best culinary school. A lot of people want to know what the pay scale is. Many people ask Google Part time Top executive chef jobs in hotel they should expect to work as a chef/cook.

But the question I get most is how to land the very first job, stagiere, apprenticeship.

How do I get my first Part time Top executive chef jobs in hotel?
What will the interview be like?
How long does it take to become a pastry chef?
Can I work for you?

I write, and have written, the same email response over and over and over. You'd think by now I'd have a form-letter, but I'm still a little naive, so I don't.

And because I have recently started pounding the pavement again, I can say that my own advice, after 17 years, still works in Part time Top executive chef jobs in hotel.

Here are my standard tips for getting into your first kitchen, and maybe some more, if you so choose to make kitchens your life, love and home.

1.  Eat out as much as you can afford. Bring a little notebook and pen with you wherever you go. Take notes. When you find a menu you love, ask your waiter for the full name of the chef and pastry chef. Ask what the hours of said restaurant are.

2. Print out your resume/CV and bring it, in person, to this restaurant and ask for the chef/pastry chef by full name. Part time Top executive chef jobs in hotel.If a place is open for lunch and dinner it's best to show up between 3-4 pm. Never ever ever ever call or go to a restaurant and ask for anyone managerial while service is going on.

3. Flattery will get you everywhere. Tell said chef you loved her/his food when you ate there and that you would love to work in their kitchen. Questions to come out of your mouth sound something like this: 'Are there any entry level positions open?' 'Do you have room for a Part time Top executive chef jobs in hotel?' 'Can I come in for a stagiere?' You are humble. You will take any position. You know little. But you are firm and have conviction. You go to that back door every day and ask for the person you need to speak with if it's the place you want to work.

4. Do not wait for a phone call back.

5. Do not email your resume/CV as an attachment.

If you work in a kitchen that is not safe for anyone working or dining there, leave. If you want to make a difference, Part time Top executive chef jobs in hotel. You can not make an anonymous claim, though. If you're going to advocate, you have to be brave.

If you want to cook professionally you may want to stop watching kitchen reality shows.
If you want to cook professionally you should have money in the bank or very cheap rent or a spouse to support you.

When will you be a chef?

That I can't say. For that there is no bullet point list, no advice, no recipe.


I didn't start cooking professionally to become a chef or be a chef or arrive as a chef. I started cooking professionally because it was all I wanted to do at a very Part time Top executive chef jobs in hotel. I didn't go to culinary school, I did not own a single knife, I did not know what an 'all-day' was.

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