How Can You Find A Swingers Club?
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How Can You Find A Swingers Club?

For many people, a swingers club seems like a legend. They only heard about it in swinger stories. Many people have no idea that there are some clubs in their city as well. Because of this, such a club may be hard to find for those that want to try something new. In this article, you will find out how exactly can you find out if there are such clubs in your city.

One very important thing that you and your partner should know before going to such a club is the "rules" of such places. Although they are not written everywhere, they have been established with a specific goal in mind. Many people believe that going to such a club will mean that everyone there will want to "play" with them, which is not true at all. This is why you will find in this article some NOT to do things in these clubs.

Is There a Swingers Club in Your Vicinity?

As mentioned above, a swingers club  "is hard to find" because it will not publish itself on the same channels as other clubs. Because their target customers are swingers, they use the channels that are offered by the habits that their clients have.

If you want to find if there is any club or other types of swinger establishment in your area, then you will have three main options:

-    Swinger sites. Nowadays there are a lot of such sites where you will be able to find a lot of information about swingers. These sites can be used to directly look for clubs and other establishments, or you can also use them to look for other swingers in your area. But, the best method to find and communicate with other swingers is directly at these establishments or on swingers apps.

-    Swinger apps. Although there are many such apps out there, most of them are useless because they are filled with the wrong "types" of persons. Some apps can even be dangerous. You can find information about the apps used by swingers on the websites mentioned above. On the other hand, once you find real swingers on such an app, they will be able to tell you all the locations like clubs and other establishments in your area.

-    Swinger stories. If you know a swinger couple or you found and conversed with swingers online, then you will probably be able to hear some very nice stories. From these stories, you can also find out the locations of the gatherings. But, even more important, you will be able to learn some of the "rules" mentioned above. It is in your best interest to follow these rules and to not overstep your boundaries. Also, you should not believe everything you hear, because exactly like other humans, swingers like to brag from time to time. 

Interaction Guidelines That You Won't Find in Most Swinger Stories!
Although there are many things that you can learn from swinger stories , there are some "details" that most swingers forget to mentions. Below you will find two important tips that you should follow in your interaction with other swingers, especially when you are going to a club or other swinger gatherings.

1.    Speak before you touch. There are a lot of people that go to swinger clubs while having the impression that they can go in there and choose whoever they want and "play" with them. This type of person will get thrown out most of the time, some of them may bet a beating as well. If you want to have a good time then you should speak first and maybe touch later. If you find a couple that attracts you then you can go and speak with them. If they are attracted to you as well and all of you are able to make a "deal" then and only then you will be able to touch and maybe even "play".

2.    Negotiations. What many people have no ideea about is that there are many types of swingers. Not all of them likes to go all out and a very low percentage is into kinky stuff. So the first thing, before two couples start playing, they will negotiate beforehand. Meaning that each couple will express their own rules and if all of them agree with it, only then will they start playing. These are the most two important "details" that you need too know when you go to a swingers club.

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