How To Select The Right Type Of Tennis Shoes
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How To Select The Right Type Of Tennis Shoes

A tennis game requires complete coordination if the mind and body. The player has to move back and forth, also requires switching direction then and there not to miss a single hit. For playing this avid tennis, the right type of shoe is the one that is required. This helps the player to endure the stress level of playing. When you looking for the right type of shoe, you need to consider lots of factors, like style of playing, court model and also your foot type.

Here we will discuss certain important factors to look before selecting your right pair of tennis shoes.

Based on the way the player plays

Every player has a different kind of play, moves, and grip. Commonly some players have a 'serve and volley' mode where the player's charges at the net and make a back foot movement for serving. This type of player should go for tennis shoes with a toe cap for ease of back foot movement. Another type of player is 'baseline' players where the player always prefers a backline playing. This type of play requires a lot of lateral support. So prefer getting a shoe with durable sole to have grip for running side to side in the court.

Based on the surface of the tennis court

Not every player can play in all type of surfaces, so is the shoes. The sole of the shoe should be selected based on the roughness of the surface. The harder the surface, the sole should be more durable for prolonged life of shoes and also withstanding the pressure of the ground. The shoes should offer you the right amount of traction for beautiful moves and turns on the surface.

For a clay or grass court, the sole durability is not a matter. There are also multi-court shoes that can adjust to any type of surface. Herringbone style soles work well for clay courts. No loose grains will stick on to the shoes and gives you smooth moves.

Based on the type of your foot

Your foot type is the basic and most important factor to be considered while choosing shoes. It is based on how much lateral support you require and obviously your safety and comfort. To determine your type of foot, do a wet test by wetting your door sole and stepping on a flat surface. If you see a high arch impression, go for more flexible shoes. Because you are prone to wear and tear of heels and toes. If the impression is flat without a gap, go for stabilizing shoes. In the case of the flat sole, you may face wear and tear in the front area. If the impression is neutral, which is not flat or high arched any type of shoe can be selected.

Visit the tennis specialists The Net Set; choose your preferred shoe reviewing the above factors. They can be considered as the top name in offering your suitable tennis shoes.

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