How Do Swinging Groups Deal With Social Distancing?
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How Do Swinging Groups Deal With Social Distancing?

Due to the trying times everyone is facing because of the Covid-19 pandemic swinging groups have now relocate their activities online and are doing everything they can in order to prevent the spreading of the virus. Adult swinging as many know it has now been postponed until the end of the outbreak and this has created the opportunity for most to better understand what they really need and what they can do without in their live. Already a major lifestyle choice, swinging is now faced with maybe the biggest obstacle since its existence, and it’s doing its best to overcome it through each and every one of its practitioners. 

How Does Adult Swinging Woks?

Swinging has been around for centuries and it involves several people, that are in committed relationships to each other, meeting up and having sexual intercourse with each other. It is also known as polyamory or non-monogamous relationship. The idea was born out of the need for people to explore their sexuality and interact with other that have the same mindset. Although difficult for others to understand adult swinging  has a strong community that constantly grows in numbers and that swear by the fact that this way of life has helped them improve their relationships and broadened their horizons. That difficulty in understanding and accepting other people’s choices lead the people outside of the swinging lifestyle to make up all kinds of stories and myths about the movement that have been gradually put to rest by the members of various swinger communities over the years. 

Although it has been around for decades, adult swinging only started gaining social acceptance in the late 20th century, after the sexual liberation movements of the 1960s. Back then, if people wanted to swing they had to go to private parties hosted by individuals at their homes. The rules of these parties were pretty clear and that meant you had to be invited to get in. As time passed and the swinging communities got larger, they needed their own special places in which to meet and entertain each other. This is when the swingers clubs were born. These were private clubs that operated very discretely and allowed their customers to meet in safety. The clubs were available only to members and provided them with all they needed in order to be comfortable around each other. 

But because these clubs were such exclusive places they started to get a bad reputation among the people that weren’t allowed access. That meant that adult swinging had to find another way to get people together. Thanks to the evolution of technology, swingers can now use dating apps and platforms especially designed for them. Just create an account and you can start matching and meeting others. One of the biggest advantages of these apps, aside from the fact that they are very discrete, is that it allows adult swinging to be accessible to a lot more people than before. People that want to experiment this lifestyle can now do so by trying one of these apps or going online and chatting with other swingers. Apps have really made swinging easy and has brought people from around the world closer.   

How Can Swinging Groups Deal With Social Distancing?
The Covid-19 pandemic has affected all aspects of life. From working to worshiping everybody has to observe certain rules regarding the health issues they are faced with today. One of the most important but most difficult rules to observe regards social distancing. Social distancing is a precautionary measure that states that people should always keep at least a distance of 6 ft. between them when in a public place. It also recommends that, whenever possible, people should avoid leaving their house or coming into any kind of contact with others, especially if they are infected or have various health issues that might enable an infection. With that in mind, swinging groups have been some of the most affected of all. Social distancing meant there are no parties, not even in private homes, and that people outside the family household shouldn’t meet at all if possible. Clubs were also closed for the duration of the pandemic because they represent one of the best places germs can be transmitted and infect. Also, any kind of sexual contact with strangers should be avoided at all times during the outbreak.

With social distancing in mind, swinging groups took action and started a massive campaign of social awareness. The first thing they’ve done was to cancel all scheduled events, both private and public and made sure that everybody in the community they were was safe in their home. Although it might be hard living in isolation and avoiding human contact, people understood that what they are doing is for the greater good and took action. Like any other group, swinging groups started meeting online, trying to support each member through these trying times. 

The dating apps and platforms dedicated to swinging groups also took immediate action and canceled their events and modifying their Terms of Services in accordance with the new regulations. Some of them suspended their activity all together, using their landing pages as platforms for promoting news about the Coronavirus, positive messages about self-isolation and social distancing and the recommendations made by the local and national authorities. Others modified their interface, cancelling “meet” option buttons and urging users to stay inside their homes and do all of their interacting via internet. Until this pandemic is over more and more protective and preventive measures such as these are to be taken in order to stop the spread of the virus and to ensure that the most vulnerable people don’t have to come into contact with the infected.

Surviving an outbreak like this one is just a matter of time. All everybody has to do is follow some basic rules regarding distancing, self-isolating and hygiene. Swinging groups are doing their part in the effort of what is known as “flattening the curve” and everybody can join in.    

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