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Published: 2023-11-28
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Having a mouth full of unsightly wire and bracket braces might no longer be necessary to have straight teeth and a bright smile. Compared to traditional wire/bracket braces, invisible braces are a more attractive and barely noticeable option that can boost self-esteem and physical confidence.


Invisible braces can treat the following conditions, albeit they might not be appropriate for severe bite issues or other cases of misalignment that are better treated by traditional orthodontics:

  • Overjet or overbite
  • Too many or too few teeth
  • crooked teeth

While they are intended for adults and older teenagers, invisible braces are not advised for those with baby teeth. Orthodontic difficulties in children and younger teenagers will require standard metal braces with brackets and wires on the front of the teeth. Still, only your orthodontist or dentist can decide if you qualify. Because the alternative treatment requires complete and strict cooperation, it was created mainly for adults. The "trays" are worn for 22 hours a day and should not be misplaced or forgotten.

Types - Invisible Braces Chembur

Clear aligners, inside braces, and ceramic brackets are popular varieties of invisible braces. Ceramic braces work similarly to metal braces, except instead of using metal to straighten teeth, they utilize brackets and, occasionally, wires that match the tooth's color. The tooth-colored ceramic "blends" with your teeth, usually leaving no stains behind, making them less noticeable than metal braces but not as "invisible" as clear aligners or inside braces. To make treatment practically invisible, inside braces, also known as inside invisible braces or lingual braces, and transparent aligners go one step further.


The composite materials used to make "ceramic" or "clear" braces are more brittle and less potent than metal ones. Because ceramic brackets are more significant than metal brackets, they must be attached to the archwire using tiny rubber bands called ligatures (or spring clips integrated into "self-ligating" brackets). The ligatures can stain because they are transparent or white. Nonetheless, staining is not a significant issue because ligatures are replaced each time you receive an adjustment, usually once a month. The "self-ligating" clips don't need to be retired with elastics or wires.


Like metal braces, ceramic brackets can cause irritation and discomfort, make it more challenging to clean your teeth regularly, chew, and speak, and cannot be taken off until your treatment is finished.


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