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Published: 2023-11-28
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What is a Tooth Jewellery? - Tooth Jewellery Chembur

A remarkable smile adds brightness and enhances the appearance of your face. Perfectly white teeth give you confidence and a lovely smile. Consider getting your smile blinged if you're looking for just one more way to make it fashionable. An decoration placed on the front of your tooth is called a tooth gem. With this design, you may use your smile to communicate how distinctive you are, which makes it increasingly original and stylish. Before this dental surgery, there is a large selection of jewellery styles to choose from.

Tooth Jewellery Procedure - Tooth Jewellery Chembur

The process of repairing Tooth Jewellery is quite easy and often takes ten to fifteen minutes. Your tooth enamel will first be cleansed with a fluoride-free polishing paste before to the operation. To improve the bonding surface area, this area will next be etched for 20 to 30 seconds using orthophosphoric acid (37%). The bonding agent is applied next, and it will be left on for 20 seconds. Next, a handler will select a jewel and place it in the centre of a small amount of composite that has been applied to the tooth's surface. The jewel will adhere to the tooth in 20 seconds.

Here is how Tooth jewellery is applied - Tooth Jewellery Chembur

Give the patient a range of options to choose from when it comes to the tooth jewelry's colour, size, and form once they have consented to get one. Here is a methodical strategy to applying it to the tooth.


 After the tooth is thoroughly dry, it is isolated and polished using a paste.


For roughly 30 seconds, the tooth is etched with 37% orthophosphoric acid. This will strengthen the jewelry's attachment to the tooth's structure.


After rinsing the etchant with water, the tooth is dried for an additional 10 seconds.On the tooth, a light-curing bonding agent is applied, allowed to sit for around 20 seconds, rinsed off, and then dried once more.


Apply a tiny bit of flow composite on the surface of the teeth.


Pick up the jewel to be placed on the tooth with a tiny forceps so that your fingertips do not come into contact with it. Steer clear of skin contact, especially near the jewel's back. Place it where you want it and lightly press.


When the gemstone presses against the enamel, it should remove any extra composite material from the tooth structure.


Show it to the patient in the mirror while they are still in the dentist chair, and make any necessary little modifications.


After achieving the desired position, give the composite a full 60 seconds to cure. Treat it from all angles, including the tooth's back. 


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