Dental Crown And Bridges In Chandigarh

Published: 2023-12-02
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What Are The Benefits Of Dental Crowns And Bridges? - Dental Crown and Bridges in Chandigarh

Dental bridges and crowns provide a practical solution for restoring lost teeth. A dental crown is a type of covering that is applied by a dentist to a tooth. Teeth strengthened and improved in look by crowns. teeth with deep cavities, fractured and cracked teeth, and discoloured teeth. Materials such as ceramics, metal, porcelain, composite resin, etc. can be used to make dental crowns. They can easily mix in with the teeth's natural colour. Additionally, it preserves the tooth's long-term structure.


A bridge is a bit different from a crown in dentistry. It consists of a false tooth or a missing tooth supported by two crowns on either side. These prosthetic teeth can be composed of any material, including gold and alloys. A dental bridge bridges the space left by a missing tooth.

Different Types Of Crowns And Bridges - Dental Crown and Bridges in Chandigarh

  • There are a few different types of bridges and crowns available. The finest option to meet the patient's needs can be selected in consultation with the dentist. Crowns come in three primary varieties: onlay or 3/4 crowns, temporary crowns, and one-day crowns.
  • Your temporary crowns will only be in your mouth temporarily. This type of crown uses a milder adhesive, which is less strong than the sort used in permanent crowns. Permanent crowns will shortly take the place of the temporary ones.
  • The reason one-day crowns are thus named is that they may be placed in the mouth in a single visit. The material used to make them is ceramic.
  • There is also a large assortment of dental bridges accessible.
  • Conventional fixed bridges are used to fill in the space left by missing teeth by sandwiching the bridge between two healthy teeth.
  • When there is just one tooth on which to lay the bridge, cantilever bridges are used.
  • Front teeth are frequently replaced using resin-bonded bridges, also known as Maryland-bonded bridges. It is positioned using porcelain or metal wings on the neighbouring healthy teeth. The wings are invisible because they are attached behind the teeth.
  • You can select the ideal crown or bridge for your teeth by properly consulting with your dentist.


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