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Published: 2023-12-08
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What Are Overdenture Implants? - Overdentures Treatment Delhi

All overdentures are essentially dental implants-supported replacement teeth. We can do the overdenture operation on a patient who is missing a tooth and whose jawbone supports the implant. Since overdentures are removable, most people who have one or more teeth left to support the denture will choose overdenture implants. After losing their teeth, patients can feel more confident and have a better quality of life with overdentures. 

Do Dentures and Overdentures Differ From One Another? - Overdentures Treatment Delhi

The dentures' stability is the main distinction. As a more stable alternative to removable dentures, overdentures were developed. The denture and the bone ridges create a suction that holds the denture in place.

The Advantages of Implants Overdentures - Overdentures Treatment Delhi

  • With your new overdentures, you will be able to chew food much more effectively, which will facilitate digestion and enhance your general health.
  • You can expand and change the kinds of food you can eat using overdentures, which will result in a much better, more satisfying diet.
  • enhanced confidence and improved speech.

Benefits of Overdentures & Types of Overdenture Treatments


  • Treatment that is minimal to non-invasive
  • little upkeep
  • Lower the possibility of requiring a bone graft
  • might aid in maintaining the shape of your cheekbones and jawline.

Overdenture Implant Types - Overdentures Treatment Delhi

We provide implant-retained overdentures. Fitting two or more implants with a detachable appliance is part of this procedure. As it is held in place by the implants in your upper or lower jaw, it will lie gently on your gums.

Kinds of Overdentures Supported by Implants

Additionally, we provide a variety of overdentures supported by implants, such as:

Bar-Retained Overdentures with Implant Support

A specially made bar connecting the implants to the jaw holds the removable denture in place.

Overdentures with Ball Retained Implant Supported

A ball-shaped attachment that precisely fits into the denture's socket holds the jaw implants and the denture together.

Fixed Overdenture Supported by Implants

In this process, the overdenture and bar are combined into a single structure that is fastened with screws. Since only a dentist can remove the overdentures, this is a more permanent alternative. Because the implants are screwed in rather than resting on the gums, this technique seems the most natural.


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