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Published: 2023-12-08
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What Is a Sinus Lift? - Sinus Lift Treatment Delhi

A dental surgery treatment is called a sinus augmentation. When a tooth is lost, the empty tooth socket collapses during the healing process, creating a space devoid of teeth. Dental implantation is not possible as a result of this collapse because the surrounding bone is lost in both height and width.


The space in your upper jaw between your molars and premolars can be corrected with a dental sinus lift procedure. It fills the space between your jaw and the maxillary sinuses on either side of your nose. The bone is accommodated by lifting the sinus membrane. Professional dentists or periodontists usually perform this surgery.

Why Sinus Lift Augmentations Are Important - Sinus Lift Treatment Delhi

You can be confident that this sinus lift surgery is required if your dentist recommended one before dental implants. They will have had a very good reason to propose it. Selecting a specialised dentist can assist ensure that sinus lift in Delhi treatment continues successfully. Smayate Dental Clinic is an excellent choice for this type of procedure.


Losing teeth will always result in bone loss, and advanced gum disease can also cause bone loss. If you've ever thought about getting dental implants after losing teeth in the past, you've undoubtedly lost some bone.

Sinus Life Procedure - Sinus Lift Treatment Delhi

Your upper jaw's sinuses are air-filled cavities found close to the roots of your upper back teeth.


Since disease or injury can cause bone loss in this location, there is frequently only a thin layer of bone separating your sinuses from the roots of your teeth.


In order to assist build up the bone in this area, a sinus lift treatment may be necessary if you need to have your top teeth pulled and would like to replace them with dental implants.

For people who have lost bone in their upper jaw, this is one of the most popular sinus lift bone transplant treatments. The dental implant can be positioned in the ideal quantity of robust and healthy bone by fortifying and enlarging the bone in this area.


Every safety measure will be taken to guarantee the success of the sinus lift procedure, which is meticulously prepared. Sinus lift implants are a long-term solution that are well worth the extra work, even though it's probable that they will take a little longer to complete than other dental implant procedures.


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