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Published: 2023-12-15
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Author: Nevillberger
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Watching the improvement in the reaction of my defenders is an important game changer and yet, we shouldn't have needed waiting for it to happen present in the game. It is, however, currently, and it's an enormous improvement in the way that the game is played. The amazing Madden community was trying to come up with sliders to help mitigate the issue and also help to Mut 24 Coins offset the ignorance issue from the beginning, but after patch the sliders are likely required to be altered which is a good thing.

Although it's difficult to explain without actually seeing it when you take a look at the screen shot above, you will observe the attention and thought pattern of each player, based on the direction his eyes are. It is clear that there is real thinking and real-time awareness happening. While the field might appear chaotic initially Each defender is aware of the responsibilities he has to take on and is working to be a part of the defensive strategy and the play-call.

It doesn't mean that each receiver is covered like glue constantly. As I said before the other aspects like the player's skill, rating, and the quarterback they're playing against remain an element of the game. This means that each player reacts and looks in a more realistic manner and in a manner that is convincing to gamers playing.

There are some issues after the patch however as there are still moments of head scratching when you witness AI defensive players perform actions in the field that could make them and the defense coordinator dismissed. In a normal Tampa Two, I witnessed the OLB who was clearly set to take care of any slants or dump-offs to the flatand then take off to protect the player already having an oblique cornerback and safety him, leaving the tight end and the running back entirely free to wander around through a wheel route as well as the crossing pattern.

This is another example where the defense is clearly in a zone, and two defenders rush off to protect Godwin and have security assistance as the third defender however, they decide that they want to keep Mike Evans all alone. This is a common occurrence in the NFL therefore it's not the problem however the issue is it was the case that Moreau (#25 wearing red) physically noticed that Evans (player wearing white, in the background) cut in for a cross-cut and then consciously let him run after Godwin is a concern. This is particularly true since He was aided by safety also.

Although man-to-man has observed what I would refer to Mut Coins Madden 24 as a substantial improvement in zone coverage, it remains a bit difficult to predict. Although zones are often confusing, zones did improve. The coverage adjustments for over/under have a lot more logic now and function as they should. The deep zones also became much better. I would also place hook zones into the better category and zone blitzing may not seem to be as dangerous all over.

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