Zoom Teeth Whitening In Chembur

Published: 2024-01-25
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Zoom Teeth Whitening - Zoom Teeth Whitening in Chembur

Teeth that are flawless, brilliant, and white indicate young appearance and excellent health. Many people's teeth are stained by smoking, coffee, or other chemicals, giving the appearance of a dull or yellow smile. A dentist can apply Zoom!® teeth whitening, a professional whitening procedure that makes teeth seem several shades whiter.

How Zoom Whitening Works - Zoom Teeth Whitening in Chembur

Zoom teeth whitening brightens smiles and reduces discoloration by using a number of potent chemicals. It is available in a gel format that contains hydrogen peroxide. Comparing this mixture to over-the-counter medicines, it is far more potent and efficient. To begin the teeth-whitening procedure, the dentist will apply this gel to the teeth. The dentist next activates the gel and removes discoloration from the teeth using a special light. A five-minute fluoride treatment is included in the somewhat longer than hour-long usual treatment session. Patients will see brighter teeth with Zoom in only a few visits.

Advantages of Zoom Over Home Teeth Whitening - Zoom Teeth Whitening in Chembur

Choosing between professional and at-home teeth whitening depends on a number of variables. Although home whitening kits are rather popular these days, in-office whitening is more faster, safer, and more effective for patients. The speedy results are the primary factor for patients' preference for in-office whitening systems like Zoom. The outcomes of Zoom whitening could surpass those of drugstore or supermarket whitening products. Patients might think about getting professional teeth whitening if they desire whiter teeth more quickly and dramatically.


Zoom is preferred by patients since it is extra supervised by the dentist during application and is mild enough for even the most sensitive teeth. Selecting a Zoom whitening dentist also helps to ensure that the patient has no enamel or sensitivity problems with their teeth and gums.


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