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Published: 2024-02-09
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What Is Root Canal Treatment? - Root Canal Cost in Delhi

The portion of natural teeth that is generally visible in the mouth is called the tooth crown, and it is coated in tooth enamel for protection. 


The dentin layer, which is softer than tooth enamel, is located directly underneath the enamel. The pulp chamber, located in the centre of the tooth, is surrounded by dentin and contains blood vessels, nerves, and other tissues that support and nourish the tooth. The dental nerve is sensitive to pain and temperature changes. The tooth roots known as the root canals are where the dental pulp extends.


A severe toothache may result from the germs getting to the tooth nerve and dental pulp. If you knock a tooth, the dental pulp may also become irritated and uncomfortable. 

What Are the Signs I May Need Root Canal Treatment? - Root Canal Cost in Delhi

Two common indicators that a tooth is infected are high sensitivity and tooth pain. 


The tooth may hurt all the time or only when you bite down. The discomfort could be throbbing or intense. Your teeth may feel extremely sensitive when you eat anything hot, cold, or sweet. The tooth itself may seem discolored, and the gums surrounding it may be swollen, red, and sensitive to the touch. 


A serious tooth infection can weaken and break down the surrounding bone as well as cause poor breath and an unpleasant taste. It can also travel deeply into the root canals and surrounding bone. An infected tooth may eventually come loose. 


The pain may go away if the root canal infection completely destroys the dental nerve as it gets worse. Sadly, if the infection is not properly treated, it will persist and continue to harm your dental health. An excruciating toothache is a sign that something is not right and has to be properly treated in the dentist chair. 

How Is a Root Canal Infection Diagnosed? - Root Canal Cost in Delhi

Our root canal dentist will do some diagnostic testing and a careful examination of the tooth when you visit them.


Digital dental x-rays will most likely be part of the diagnostic process in order to clearly see how much of the tooth is infected. The x-rays, which display the number and form of root canals that require cleaning and disinfection during root canal treatment, will also assist us in planning the course of treatment.


The quantity of root canals in a tooth varies; a larger back tooth may have multiple tooth roots, each requiring treatment, whereas a front tooth may only have one root.


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