Sinus Lift Treatment In Delhi

Published: 2024-04-16
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What Is a Sinus Lift? - Sinus Lift Treatment in Delhi

Dental implant placement is facilitated by a surgical procedure known as a sinus lift, sometimes known as sinus augmentation. Some persons require dental implants but, due to bone loss, do not have enough bone support to sustain the implants. A sinus lift can be beneficial because it fills in the area between your molars and premolars with more bone, increasing the amount of bone in the upper jaw. The procedure gets its name because the sinus membrane must be raised, or "lifted," to create space for the bone. Sinus lifts are often performed by a dental specialist such as an oral and maxillofacial surgeon or periodontist. 

When Is a Sinus Lift Necessary? - Sinus Lift Treatment in Delhi

Your dentist can suggest getting a sinus lift if they are unable to place your dental implants due to insufficient bone height in the upper jaw or near proximity of the sinuses to the jaw. Are you curious as to why bone loss can occur in you? Excellent query. Among the reasons for bone loss are: 

  • gum disease caused by periodontal disease 
  • teeth loss in the upper mandible 
  • bone resorption into the body following tooth loss 

What Takes Place Prior to a Sinus Lift Operation? - Sinus Lift Treatment in Delhi

Your dentist will first decide where they'll receive the extra bone if you're having sinus lift surgery. In sinus lift procedures, the following three types of bone are most frequently used: 

  • Autogenous bone is derived from within your body. 
  • Allogenic bone: cadaveric bone 
  • Xenograft: cow's bone 
  • The bone will originate from other parts of your mouth or body if it is a natural bone. 

X-rays will then need to be taken of you. X-rays let the surgeon or dental professional determine exactly what you need by allowing them to examine your sinuses and jaw. 


How Is a Sinus Lift Operation Performed? - Sinus Lift Treatment in Delhi

We'll now go over what to expect throughout the procedure so that you can go into your sinus lift feeling confident and ready. The following is a general timeline of what happens during sinus lift surgery: 

  • The gum tissue is sliced by the surgeon. 
  • The bone beneath is visible because to the elevated tissue. 
  • A little circle is sliced into the bone by the surgeon. 
  • The bone fragment is raised into the sinus cavity by the surgeon, who then inserts a bone graft to close the opening. 
  • The incision is sealed by the surgeon. 
  • The process of healing starts.


Your dentist will insert your implants four to twelve months following your sinus lift procedure. The interval between allows the new bone to properly fuse with your old bone. Depending on how much bone you required, there may be a delay between your surgery and the placement of your implants. When your implants can be placed will be communicated to you by your dentist. 


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