Effective Communication Must Include An Awareness Of Self And Others.

Published: 2023-06-07
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Effective communication is crucial in our personal and professional lives. It can determine the success or failure of our relationships, projects, and careers. However, effective communication is not just about expressing ourselves clearly, but also about actively listening, understanding, and empathizing with others. To achieve effective communication, we need to use a simple tool called "THINK."


THINK stands for:


T - Is it true?

H - Is it helpful?

I - Is it inspiring?

N - Is it necessary?

K - Is it kind?


Before speaking or sending a message, ask yourself these five questions. If your answer is "no" to any of them, then it may be better to keep your thoughts to yourself or rephrase them in a way that meets these criteria. Here's an example:


You're in a meeting, and a colleague proposes an idea that you think won't work. Instead of saying, "That's a terrible idea," THINK and say, "I appreciate your suggestion, but have we considered the potential challenges with this approach?" This way, you're not only expressing your opinion but also showing respect for your colleague's contribution and inviting further discussion.


By using the THINK tool, we can improve our communication skills and build stronger relationships. It helps us avoid misunderstandings, conflicts, and hurtful words, and instead, fosters mutual respect, trust, and empathy.


If you want to learn more about THINKing your way to effective communication, check out this article from The Mental GymIn conclusion, effective communication is a vital skill that we can all benefit from. By using the THINK tool, we can communicate more effectively, build better relationships, and achieve greater success in all aspects of our lives.


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