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Taking care of a newborn baby or child is not an easy task. Working women need to hire a nanny to take care of their children, and it is really stressful if they don’t know where to search a qualified part-time nanny Singapore.

Hiring a nanny can offer you flexibility and peace of mind if you are working in a job or maintaining your business while being sure that your child is in safe and caring hands.

Nannies are professionals that take care of your children when you are away. Most of the nannies are specialized in one key role such as infant care but housekeeper nannies have multiple roles to fill in your home.

A nanny’s basic responsibility is to take care of your child but nowadays nannies have started taking additional responsibilities such as helping kids with their homework, helping them bathe, making their beds, getting them ready for school.

If you are living in Singapore and working in a job, then you might be looking for someone to take care of your kids.

The matter becomes tough to handle when there is a newborn baby in your family who needs your care and attention. As your maternity leave ends, the stress to look for a daytime nanny for your child begins.

As a parent, you would be highly cautious about the person, who you would hire to look after your baby while you are away from home or at work. You need to hire a trustworthy person who possesses the required qualification, knowledge, and experience to take care of your child in your absence.

If you are looking to hire a part-time nanny Singapore for your child, here a few things that you should take care of while hiring a nanny for your child. Here is the step by step process that will guide you to find a part-time nanny Singapore.

Outline your needs          

Decide what you need. You need a live-in nanny or a live out Part Time Nannies Singapore. What kind of care do you need for your child? Professional nannies in Singapore are available at variable rates based on their certifications, experience, and schedule.

So it is better to know your needs clearly before you take steps to hire a nanny for your baby. Prepare a list of all the qualities you want in a nanny such as nursing degree, a certification, first aid training, fun-loving activities etc.

Also, list the job responsibilities and your expectations from a nanny. For example, if you want a part-time nanny Singapore, you should make a list of following points:

  • You should describe the working hours
  • The salary you are willing to offer
  • The location for which you want to hire
  • Tasks you want to be done by a nanny

This will help you create a perfect job description to invite the nannies having most qualities you want in them.

Estimate your budget

Decide how much you can afford to pay your new caretaker. While calculating your budget, you should also consider the expenses like annual raises, bonuses, and expenses for activities. Also, make sure that you consider the taxes as well.

Nannies will charge you money on the basis of their education, certifications and work experience. The more experience a nanny has, the more money she will charge you.

You should also consider the additional costs other than her salary that you need to bear, after hiring a nanny for your family. Decide how much you are willing to spend on the child care services for your baby.

Calculating your budget will ensure that you don’t run out of your weekly or monthly budget while paying the nanny, and getting relief from the stress related to proper care of your child in your absence.

Post a Job Advertisement

When you are done with your perfect job description for hiring a nanny, you can post a job advertisement that should include the complete job description created by you.

Moreover, it is better to mention the salary you will offer and the working hours for which you need a nanny. You can also contact a good nanny agency that provides nannies for people in your area.

It’s better to make a detailed job description so that only the applicants that have the required qualifications, experience and agree with your requirements, apply for the job.

You should also prepare a set of questions that you need to ask while interviewing the candidates for hiring a nanny for your home.

Some questions that are important to be asked may not appear in your mind while taking the interview.

Interview the Candidates

When applicants begin to respond to your job advertisement, then it’s time to interview the candidates. Always try to interview only the professional nannies as they are more likely to fit your needs.

In order to find the perfect nanny for your child or family, you need to interview the candidates carefully to have a good idea about the person you are hiring. You should ask all the questions you wrote on the list of questions created by you.

Try to ask the questions their previous work experience as a babysitter, their views on infant care and childcare. First of all, ask the applicants questions about being a nanny such as why they want to become a nanny or what is the difference between a babysitter and nanny?

Always try to spare time for interviews. An interview should be of minimum half hour duration or more than that as you are going to find a nanny to take care of your child.

You don’t need to ask questions about her life goals or plans for next five years. Instead ask her questions on nutrition, education, and discipline.

Ask her about the specific situations like how she could handle things if your baby had rashes or refuses to take the bottle.

Your Nanny is your Employee

Sometimes people say that nannies take of their kids better than them and love them as their own children. But you should remember that your nanny is your employee and not your family member. Never trust a person blindly or merely on the basis of what she tells you about herself.

While hiring a nanny, you should ask whatever questions you have in your mind irrespective of the thought that whether she will answer them or not.

You should ask the questions about her childhood, her marriage, her parents, her background, whether she smoke or consume alcohol, etc.

Asking such questions about her personal life will make you understand her better as she is the person going to spend time with your child in your absence. As you want to hire a trustworthy person for your child, you need to ask her as many questions as you want to know her better.

Get a Background Check

It’s not wise to hire a person on the basis of a single interview session and work experience. You should conduct a background check on the person you are hiring as a nanny, as you are going to hand over your child’s responsibility to her.

Some people have no idea about the background of the applicant and they hire them on the basis of qualifications, experience, and interview. Later they come to know that they have hired the wrong person for their childcare. Here are some points that you should take care of while hiring a nanny:

  • Always ask for two or three references from whom you can inquire about the applicant you interviewed.
  • Contact each of them personally by phone and inquire about the applicant’s character, educational and professional background.
  • Also, ask for the quality of services she offered to them and ask for feedback.
  • You should know how long a part-time nanny worked with her previous family.

Benefits of Hiring a part-time nanny Singapore

  • Affordable

If you need a steady and reliable nanny in Singapore, but don’t want a full-time babysitter, you can look for a part-time nanny Singapore. While your part-time nanny will work less than 35 hours a week, you will be able to afford the costs and get the benefits of a full-time nanny. Your part-time nanny would have the same qualifications and certifications as a full-time nanny.

  • Flexibility

Hiring a part-time nanny is beneficial for you if your children go to school and you need a nanny after the school timings and on weekends. Sometimes, stay-at-home parents need help for childcare only a couple of hours a day or only a few days in a week.

  • Freedom from Stress

Therefore, it is better to hire a part-time nanny to save the costs of a full-time employee and still get professional help. Hiring a part-time nanny from a reputable and Best Maid Agency Singapore can lessen your stress to a great extent.

Your part-time nanny Singapore may be working for various families in your neighborhood or may have jobs elsewhere.

Sometimes, students work as part-time nannies to make some money for meeting their daily expenses. They are available to work at low rates, but they may not be professionally qualified to take care of your kids or meet your expectations. For more information visit here :

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