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How To Become A Freight Broker

For one to be a professional freight broker one needs to learn about the FMCSA Compliance laws to better serve the trucking companies in helping them stay compliant. Some of the FMCSA compliance laws include:

Freight Brokers need to understand the HOS (Hours of Service) new laws.

Under the FMCSA Compliance laws, truck drivers must follow the set Hours of service (HOS) regulations. Such regulations include the number of hours of rest required of the driver before resuming his duties, the amount of consecutive hours the driver may drive after coming off duty, rest breaks, and consecutive driving hours in consecutive days. Freight brokers must understand these new HOS laws for them to stay compliant when dispatching drivers on assignment and also factor them into their calculations for the delivery of the load.

Freight Brokers must understand the new ELD logging device and software.

Drivers/carriers use ELD or Electronic Logging Device to keep electronic records of most of their operations that were previously done on paper such as RODS (Records of Duty Status), supporting documentation carried by the driver and Hours of Service (HOS) as a requirement by the FMCSA. By electronically recording such activities, there is a digital back up that can be verified in case of any arising issue and also protect the driver from harassment. By understanding the ELD device and software, the Freight Broker is able to advice the trucking company on the benefits of the device and the need to comply because the implementation deadline for the ELD mandate was on December 18, 2017.

They must understand how to properly dispatch a trucking driver the proper way with TMS Software.

TMS (Transport Management System) is used to solve a variety of challenges such as increased paperwork that come with growth of the business. The software enables the freight broker to evaluate and plan for incoming shipments and outbound orders and offer the broker suggested routing solutions. The broker then evaluates how reasonable the suggestions are, analyses and selects the best route to dispatch the trucking driver. Once the process is complete, an electronic load tendering is generated with a trace on the selected carrier/driver, which is later used to support freight audit and payment. Through the software, the freight broker is able to properly dispatch the driver and keep track of him as the ELD software can be added to the TMS software platform thus enabling simplified driver dispatch relations. The freight broker can also ensure that all dispatched loads are FMCSA compliant by using the software and not having to look at multiple systems or paperwork.

They must understand deadhead loads and the time and distance between dropping one load off and getting another while being profitable especially now with the HOS and ELD laws for the amount of time a truck driver can drive a day.

Deadhead load refers to when a truck driver drivers empty on his way to pick up a load or back from dropping one. It is important for the freight broker to have a good understanding of deadhead loads and the time and distance between dropping one load off and getting another. The time and distance between dropping one load off and getting, another is affected by the FMCSA regulations especially with the introduction of HOS and ELD. With this understanding, the freight broker is able to plan better to reduce the occurrence of deadhead loads and factor in the time, distance and other emergencies that may crop up during freight transportation. Having a plan will help reduce the occurrence of some of these avoidable problems therefore preventing loss of profit.

Logistical Forwarding Solutions (LFS) offers the training required for one to become a professional and successful freight broker and how be in compliance with the FMCSA laws to serve his/her clients better.

To learn more about freight broker and DOT Compliance for today’s market, you can visit LFS, a logistical development and consulting company at

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