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It is never easy when a loved one is in jail.  The emotional and financial upheaval that follows affects everyone involved.


Prison rules do not permit you to call inmates.  Inmates can use a payphone to call approved phone numbers.


Problems With Jail Calls


When an inmate makes collect calls through the prison system, you accept the charges and pay them with your monthly phone bill.  You will need a landline as cell phones do not allow collect calls.


If your loved one is incarcerated in a different area code, the collect call will be a long distance call.


A long distance call from prison can inflate your phone bill considerably as prison service providers charge per minute per call and a connection fee with every call.


If you have only a cell phone, you cannot receive calls from jail.


How To Receive Jail Calls On A Cell Phone


Prepaid collect calling accounts and debit calling accounts are two ways by which you can receive jail calls on a cell phone.


Prepaid Collect Calling


The prepaid collect option allows you to set up a prepaid calling account for your phone.  Every time a collect call is received by the prepaid number, the charges are deducted from the account.


Prepaid collect accounts can be set up for all types of phones, including cell phones. As long as there is balance in your account, you can receive jail calls on a cell phone.


Debit Calling Accounts


Besides collect calls, inmates can make calls using prepaid phone accounts set up through a third party vendor.


Under this scheme, the inmate buys debit minutes from the prison commissary. These debit minutes can then be used to call friends or family.


Inmates can call any approved phone numbers with their debit account, including cell phones. Friends and family can also buy debit minutes for the inmate, which are credited to his/her account.


Receive Jail Calls On A Cell Phone At Reduced Cost


Long distance calls are costly.  In addition, prison phone services also charge a connection fee per call.


There are many telecom companies that provide a solution for mounting phone charges between an incarcerated person and his/her outside contacts.


Once you register for such a plan, you are given a local virtual number where your loved one is incarcerated.  The next time your loved one wants to call you from jail, he/she will call the local virtual number.  The call to the local number is then forwarded to your cell phone.


Some of the call plans let you change the forwarding cell phone number.


Inmates and their loved ones can save a lot of money by signing up for such a service.  Each month, you and your loved one will spend 50-80% less, allowing you to talk for longer for less!


There are no contracts and you can discontinue the plan whenever you want.


Start Receiving Jail Calls On A Cell Phone Today


Receiving calls from prison is easy.  There are many companies offering different call plans.


Select the calling package that suits your needs best and start receiving jail calls on a cell phone today.

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