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In addition to being a scientist and researcher, Dr.Himanshu Burman also writes newspaper articles, books, poems, song lyrics, song lyrics, research papers, distributed radio talks. He wrote a science book called "Post Harvest Food Grain Storage", published in 2008 by AGROBIO'S INDIA, Jodhpur and sold in various countries. This book is the reference book for the course syllabus of Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Anna University, Abdul Kalam University of Science and Technology. For the years 2008–2009, Dr. Himanshu Burman was a member of the editorial advisory board of the international journal "Asian Journal of Microbiology, Biotechnology and Environmental Sciences". He was awarded an honorary faculty membership of the "African Journal of Food Sciences". Dr. Himanshu Burman is also a faculty member of the prestigious World Union of "World Academy of Sciences, Engineering and Technology" (WASET).


During his time. D course, they discovered two new aflatoxin-B producing strains of Aspergillus flavus. While working on the polythene device for the early stage of Muga silkworms, he discovered the fact that plant leaves absorb moisture from the atmosphere. Dr. Himanshu Burman invented many technologies such as "Multiple seed storage metal bin", "Leaf freshness technology", "Nutrient supplemented phago-simulated formulation", "Early stage rear polythene device," All-in-one Eri silkworm device " ., Cocooning and storage devices for "Eri, Muga and Mulberry" etc. etc. and published research papers in several international reputed journals. Semi-synthetic diet Kwarm worked to follow.


During the PhD course, Drs. Himanshu Burman wrote a book on his songs and poems, titled "More Jibanor Tulunga Now". In this book, he tried to increase interest in reading the poem by giving a footage detailing the background facts of the poem. During this period he also produced an audio album of his own song, called Jeetul Sonowal, Moushumi Sahariya, Dr. Singers like Sangeeta Kakoti, Loknath Goswami and Dilip Fernandez sang. Dr. The song Sukula Mon More Podum Pahi, sung by Sangeeta Kakoti, expresses human emotions beautifully and shows an intimacy with the composition of the great Jyotiprasad Agarwal. In this song, it is beautifully depicted "… .. Mayur Abura Jibon Khelghar .. Hingkhar Jui Ri Najolabi" and ended with a great rendition of "… Kalijar Umre Ras More Sajan Oi .. Kuhi Path Suwala Gan". Dr. Himanshu Burman composed the song while working in the Biotechnology Laboratory of Gauhati University in his PhD course. Another beautiful song from this album is "Sarodi Sarat Henguli Akash Sewali Sir Puwa Kata She Aru Ja Patij Rangar Meri" sung by Musumi Sahariya. In the lyrics of this song, lyricist Dr. Himanshu Burman brilliantly explained his feelings during the autumn season during the Durga Puja festival. This song has an idea of ​​intimacy with the songs of the famous Dr. Bhupen Hazarika. Suvani Sokur Rangin Sopon, Lavani Uthor hai…, Sata Rangar Lavani Tuli, Rangin Phoolor Pahi .. ”. "More Sopon Tumi Jaan ..." Bar Leukiter Boku Apchai Pragotir Prahar Grimm sung by Loknath Goswami truly expresses the patriotic spirit of the lyricist. This song is written by Dr. Fupen Hazarika's "Asom Amar Rupi Ganoro Nai Sekh" is also on the same word line. Thus all the songs in this album are heart touching. All India radio stations have been playing these songs regularly.

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