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Workwear Scrubs: Things To Consider When Choosing The Right Fit

Doctors and nurses settle for workwear scrubs because of the absence of intricate details as well as their simplicity but one of the main challenges is choosing the right set of pair especially the scrubs tops. Given that medical uniforms and scrubs UK are a great work companion they ought to live up to your working needs. The small details in your uniform play a big role and that’s why you have to carefully consider details such as the patch pockets, style of sleeves and side slit.

Chest vs No Chest Pocket

If you are torn between choosing the chest or no chest pocket you should think about the importance of the items you store there. If you don’t think that the pocket is necessary it's best if you don’t have it in place. However, if your pocket is loaded to an extent that it puts pressure on your shoulders and neck you should consider a differently designed pocket styled scrub. Cherokee scrubs, for instance, feature cell phone pockets and pencil slots that are found with chest pockets.

Mock Wrap Vs V-Neck

Choosing between the mock wrap and v neck can be a tricky affair and it’s important that you make your choice based on how you look. Apart from making you feel confident mock-up style makes one look slimmer thanks to the back tie and contrast binding in some designs. It’s also important to consider whether you’ll be needing chest pocket since the mock wrap doesn’t provide such. If you want to always have your small notebook and pen then the v-neck will definitely come in handy.

Stylish vs Basic Tunic

You can choose between the basic tunic and stylish designs whether you want to feel comfortable or look stylish. Before attempting any of the design you could try out the different set of outfits with friends on your day off or while at home. If you are the kind of lady who always keeps it simple consider something that is feminine but stylish. The feeling of confidence is always a positive sign and this is something you can always take advantage of.

Raglan Vs Set-In

It might be difficult to actually find these types of scrub designs but doctors and nurses who are very particular about details, this is necessary. The set-in sleeve is joined to the body by a seam that starts from the shoulder edge to the armhole. Reglan, on the other hand, extends to the collar instead of ending at the shoulder. It is also attached using slanting seams which goes from the underarm to the neck. Those who’ve worn the garments feel that raglan set-in sleeves are comfortable compared to the set-in style which might cause itchiness in the underarm.

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