Looking For Someone To Write The Marketing Dissertation In UK?
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Looking For Someone To Write The Marketing Dissertation In UK?

Have you touched that phase of your academic journey where you should write a marketing dissertation? At this point in your life it would be a crazy ride with many buffs and wanes in the progress, isn’t that so? Or you must be looking for someone to hold your hand. Therefore,here we are providing you a red cross that you should pursue before going to some professional writer services in UK. In this guide, we are going to analyze the various facets of research hardness, and give you a feel of where (and how) things go crazy in the entire research pipeline.

Do Some Soul Searching:

After chatting to many of my senior classmates, I was rather amazed to grasp how few of them truly read domain-specific professional blogs, or watch videos of tier-1 conferences/workshops/tutorials/meetups across the world, or read up daily news articles related to their areas of research because it actually makes them happy. This might be an opportunity for you as well to question yourself why are you doing research and whether you need to proceed.You may attempt pre-writing on your subject and think why it motivates you. Through all this, test yourself what will make me happy? And why?You might make a list of all the reasons for your desire to work on your selected area and all the motives you would preferably not.

Choosing A Cutting Edge Topic:

After touching the first stage you will definitely come up with a broader area of interest. So cutting edge doesn’t mean selecting a currently popular marketing dissertation topic. You must have heard of “It’s better to be good than to be fashionable”. While selecting a marketing dissertation title you need to focus on “the problem of not having a problem”. Emphasis on problems that are super saturated and have little opportunity to make a contribution. As researchers, you should be able to develop the skill of smelling what may be the future and not just what is the status quo reported by the papers. So for choosing the right topic you should keep two things in mind, one is burning desire for that topic and then the topic should be “potentially hot” that fills the gap.

Develop Intellectual Cusiousity:

When spotting what may be the best contribution, I would say the “wow, that’s extremely perfect”reaction from readers and reviewers would tell that. Along with the term surprise, the term counter intuitive is communal for the editors. The only way you can build intellectual curiosity is by challenging the existing assumptions or bringing the paradigm shift. Being a newbie, it might be intimidating or maybe it is difficult even for the rock-stars, but as Roland Rust advised that conflicting and controversy results in the literature review are constructive since it may specify the transformed thinking patterns of academics’ so don’t lose hold on it.

Work On Three Contribution Domains:

If you are thinking about bridging the gap, then you must realize that the contribution can take many different forms. May be you ought to work on “the conceptual domain”, in which you may involve in the development of the theory component or you decide to go with another domain that is the “methodological”. Many researchers utilized the new research methods for grinding the already existing phenomenon of interest. Such as, if previously someone have explored the research question using cross sectional design you can examine the same research question using longitudinal research design. The substantive domain is also worth working on, in which you may work the study’s context. The juncture of these three mingled areas i.e. Method, Context and Theory is what can yield a robust contribution.

Expected Outcome:

The researcher must pinpoint the probable endings from his/her research gap. However, if the explored research gap does not clue to any anticipated result, then the identified gap is ambiguous and uncertain. You must have a prior understanding about the projected results from your research whether it can contribute to the existing literature. The whole research gap process must be revised, if the identified problem does not lead to any contribution.

The thesis is not a momentary game plan. Hence, what do I suggest? The street less crossed? Indeed! As a researcher you may have options, none of which guarantees success. Therefore, you should adopt a thrilling path that has a more prominent probability of being potentially rewarding and seem expressly stimulating. Nobody assumed it would be simple however it can be fun!

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