3 Reasons Why Stated Income Loans Are Better Than Traditional Banks Loans
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3 Reasons Why Stated Income Loans Are Better Than Traditional Banks Loans

One of the things traditional banks will require you to do before getting a loan is to verify your income. For a W2 borrower, this is easy and straightforward but not so much for self-employed people. Being self-employed means you have no pay stubs or W2 forms. But that doesn’t mean you won’t ever get a loan.

With stated income loans, you can easily secure a loan without having to verify your income. We won’t be asking for any pay stubs or tax returns.

Below are three reasons why stated income loans are better than traditional bank loans.


1. Easy Application and quick approval – Whether you are looking to buy a home or start a business, getting a loan quickly matters a lot. This is, however, unlikely to happen if you apply through a traditional bank. But with a stated income loan, you are taken through less hassle and your application is approved real fast.


2. Best for self-employed people – Mainstream banks love to play with salaried people but make it hard for self –employed ones to get a loan. If your business just started out and not yet turning profits, you may have to wait in line for a long time before getting a loan from a bank. But with our stated income Self-employed loans, you will quickly get a loan while taking care of your business.


3. Make your own decisions – When it comes to loans, freedom is paramount. But that can only happen with our stated income loans. We allow you to choose the amount of loan you want without any restrictions. You consider your own personal finances and decide which loan is the best fit for you. However, if you need help making decisions, our loan experts are always ready to help.


LBC Mortgage is the most trusted provider of stated income loans. If you are self-employed and looking for a business loan or home loan, we have just the perfect solution for you. Call us today or visit our local stated income loans office for more information.

Find out more about self-employed loans here https://www.statedincomeloans.mortgage/




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