Shopify UAE: Welcome To Email Marketing
Published: 2019-11-30   Views: 104
Author: prowebtechnos
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Shopify, leading ecommerce development platform for online stores and retail sale system points continue to expand beyond its core with a recent product called Shopify Email – “first email product designed for ecommerce.”

The primitive goal behind the development of this product making entrepreneurship more accessible and marketing more approachable. Shopify Email is an email marketing tool is useful for building meaningful relationships with potential clients in ever competitive and highly crowded commerce landscape.

Merchants can easily pick their brand assets into their emails, along product content and listings along checks on whether those emails actually lead to customers for adding their products to their carts for purchasing which’s also helpful to create customer segments based on available data on Shopify UAE.

To elaborate more, users will be able to create, run and track email marketing campaigns in native Shopify Marketing using customizable email templates, current brand assets, and product content from store in a much easier way.

In addition, users can deliver emails using an individual domain name without any virtual setup requirements. It also includes campaign analytics for accurate tracking of opened email and click through rates with a number of products in cart and purchased.

Shopify Email has been built using the marketing app extensions already launched in 2018. Users can also run marketing advertisements on Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Snapchat. Also, the presence of third-party marketing apps like Seguno, Omnisend, and SMSBump gives users ability to run variety of marketing campaigns easily.

To conclude would like to say that Shopify Email product is a good endeavor for companies searching their path in entrepreneurial voyage as ecommerce service providers as well as leading Shopify development companies in Dubai & across the globe for providing their clients with a powerful back-office so they can focus more on building everlasting relationships and grow business, without any necessary technical or marketing expertise. Also third-party app developers can develop marketing capabilities with deeper customization and more workflows features.

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This article is written by Mr. JC Thomas who is associated with Pro Web - Unisys. Pro Web - Unisys expertise is the Web Development, Design & Marketing. They have designed and developed more than 1000 websites & offer complete solutions for design and development. They provide custom-made application, and have a wide-range of digital marketing services at most affordable rates. For more details, call +971528050084

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