Understand Car Games And Know What Police Car Games To Choose
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The screeching of wheels, the vibrations of the engine, the feel of the gear shift…all these and many more can be experienced now, not only by the car owners, but also by the car games players. When they first started creating this kind of games it was all about racing and winning. And then, as technology advanced, it became about something else. The producers stopped selling games and started selling experiences. What kid doesn’t want to play formula 1, or rally, or even police car games? Now, through the magic that is gaming technology, they can do all of these things and more.

The thrill of the game

You can’t really grow up and never play cops and robbers, or at least wonder what it would be like to drive around in a cop car, busting bad guys and blasting the siren. Everybody did it at some point in their lives and for a lucky few, that game became reality. Those that didn’t get to wear a badge to work every day, still have their memories…and police car games. These games let you live out your fantasy of high-speed chases and tight cornering anytime you want. 

Police car games, like many other car games, were developed to answer a need to escape from the daily grind and just get away to a place that you can control. A place where one can literally be “the law”. Over the years, police cars were an option in many car games as a novelty car choice in which to compete against other players. But as technology has evolved, so did consumer tastes. Players wanted games that were actually based on police life and work, not just another option in a game. And wherever there is a need, the gaming industry is more than happy to fill it. 

In recent years, thanks to the development of mobile gaming platforms, playing a cop engaged in a high-speed chase has become not only possible but also portable. 

Here are some of the best mobile games of the sort

Police Car Driving Offroad

Available on both Android and IOS devices, this game from Game Pickle offers players hours of fun and entertainment. Besides the multiple types of cars available to choose from, the player also gets plenty of levels to test his skills and upgrade his vehicles and some pretty good 3D graphics.

Cop Duty Police Car Simulator

An Android exclusive, the game delivers the very thing you would expect from an open world driving simulator. The possibilities of exploring are practically infinite and players also get a wide variety of cars and weapons to choose from. As for gameplay, as one would guess, the object of the game is driving police cars, saving hostages and putting the bad guys behind bars.

Police Car Driving Training

Another Android exclusive, this game comes from the creative minds of i6 Games. The game focuses on letting the player drive as many types of police cars as possible all the while accomplishing different tasks like escort missions and road clearing. Oh, and you also get to drive a monster truck. 

Police Car Chase-Cop Simulator

This driving simulator offers the player the chance to do whatever he wants with his car. The game does have levels and offers missions to be completed, but in the huge open city that is provided as “playing ground” and the numerous options for car customization, it is a little hard not to be taken away and just start doing stunt downtown. 

LOKO Police 3D Simulator

Designed for the player that enjoys large maps and mastering the skill of driving a car in a game, LOKO Police 3D Simulator does just that. This one is a perfect time-waster for multiple players competing against each other for the highest score. The only object of the game is to chase down criminals with a police car. A pretty straight forward game that lets the player enjoy the driving experience without having to bother with complex missions.  

Highway Getaway: Police Chase

This last entry is kind of special. Firstly, the game is huge, with over 200 missions for the player to fulfill. Secondly, it offers a wide range of customizable options and power ups for the cars. Thirdly, and this is the game’s best feature, it lets the player choose sides, so he can experience what it feels like to chase a criminal but also to be chased and have to escape the long arm of the law. All in all, the game is part racing game, part endless runner game and all-around fun.

Resource Box: If you are bored with regular  https://www.topspeed.com/car-games/car-games/index142.html car games  and would like to try the thrills of  https://www.topspeed.com/car-games/police-car-games/ke6055.html  police car games  then this list should help you choose one, or at least get you interested in them. 

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