Garbage Bag Holder
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Garbage Bag Holder

Garbage Bag Holder

Problem With Plastic Bags

How can such a flimsy thing cause so many problems? In our daily life, we are fortunately used to use plastic bags to carry items from one place to another that we take them for granted.  But you should be aware of and pay attention to how you use them.  And find something other to carry your belongings – because our environment can’t take more of plastic into it.

Below given are some interesting information about plastic bags that you most likely didn’t know:

  • Plastic bags were introduced to supermarkets in the year 1977.
  • Plastic bags are made up of petroleum, natural gas and other chemicals.
  • Worldwide, almost 160,000 plastic bags are used every second! 
  • More than 5 trillion plastic bags are produced in a year. Side by side, they can surround the world seven times.
  • There is a vast Pacific Garbage Patch, which is a floating garbage landfill in the Pacific that is twice the size of Texas; it is filled with plastic.
  • To degrade the plastic into our earth, it takes 700 years, and to get fully degraded, it takes 1000 years; and this means that the plastic that has been produced till now has not degraded yet.
  • These bags remain poisonous even after it breaks down. It means that after it gets degraded, it breaks down into tiny toxic bits of itself – and contaminates the whole environment.
  • On four visits to the supermarket, an average family will use 60 plastic bags.
  • In the whole world, only 1 to 3% of plastic bags get recycled.
  • Many aquatic animals die due to Plastic bags when they are mistaken for food.


Plastic bags are of lightweight; even if we dispose of them properly, they can escape from trash cans, garbage trucks and the landfills with the wind and they go where the wind takes them – polluting the whole environment, which is a dangerous call for all the birds and animals.

 If you want to know more about this, then Just search for “animals eat plastic bags” in Google, and you will get to find thousands of stories of the animals dying because of suffocation and eating the plastic bags which take them as food by mistake! There lies a problem underneath this that is when the animals die and decompose, the packs that will just be released into the environment from their stomachs – and will lead to killing another animal. It’s like a never-ending process!

The Solution You Can Do To Help

If the consumers don’t put in the effort of reducing plastic bag usage, so all the efforts of governments and retailers that put will go to waste. To have these plastic bags, it is an inexpensive and convenient way to carry things around. But there are other, enhanced alternatives. Here are some suggestions:

  • Bring your Eco-Friendly bags.
  • Plastic bags can be reused and recycled in your home or can be taken to a nearby recycling center.
  • Support the businesses that support the effort to reduce the usage of plastic bags. 
  • Start educating our family, children about the garbage, plastic bag and the problem with them, so in future they will continue the efforts and go green themselves.


Just by recalling to bring your bag when you go shopping, you’ll be massively helping our environment. Use the Eco-friendly Garbage Bags instead of  Plastic bags. To hold the Eco-friendly garbage bags altogether in one place, Garbage Bag Holders are in handy. The Garbage Bin Holders are easy to use, and they are beneficial while cleaning the Garbage bins. It doesn’t make any mess while cleaning just taking the bags out of the holders and throwing them in the dump yards or the trucks available at your doorsteps, or whatever is convenient for you.


The Garbage Bag Holders are also known as Trash Bag Holder, and they are designed based on Garbage Bag sizes and the usability of the garbage at certain places, and they are as follows:

  • Small Garbage Bag Holder
  • Large Garbage Bins Holder
  • Outdoor Garbage Bag Holder
  • Grocery Bag Garbage Holder
  • Garden Waste Bag Holder
  • Folding Garbage Bag Holder
  • Sink garbage bag holder

Get to know more details about the Garbage Bag Holders from the links given below

  • Small Trash Bag Holder
  • Large Trash Bag Holder
  • Garbage Can Bag Holder
  • Garbage Bin Holder
  • Garbage Bin Sizes

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