Why Restaurant Interior Designing Is Crucial For Driving Traffic?
Published: 2020-03-31   Views: 19
Author: aveacontractinguae
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Being a restaurant owner can be alarming. Several factors are responsible for any restaurant being a success or fall through. No matter how attentive you are for customer requirements or quality of food and drinks you serve, there are a lot of things to be your best — because you never know who might walk in.

There's no doubt that a restaurant’s interior design can be a valuable secret weapon’s for attracting, satisfying and retaining customers. The artistic of a restaurant is a communicating experience for the visitors and must be a critical extension of brand image. If customers started liking the vibe, they’ll definitely share the experience with their friends and followers.

The word of mouth has been highly visual nowadays. For example an Instagram post or story from a trusted source is more convincing than paid advertisements. Experts say that end-consumers tend to believe recommendations from friends and family more than any other advertising.

It’s imperative that Instagram has 800 million monthly active users and 80% of them are following businesses while 20% tend to discover new businesses first time using the channel. A nice pic from an influential account has the potential of attracting new customers, so it’s important to consider how useful your restaurant’s aesthetic can be for a powerful visual marketing channel like Instagram. Consumers nowadays prefer discovering businesses through various social media platforms rather than trusting ads and same time recommend it to their peers, so your goal must be influencing customers to take great pictures and convince their friends and relatives that your restaurant is a must visit.

Here's a list of things to consider while planning and executing the artistic of your restaurant:

1. Aesthetic is reflection of your brand

When you start conceptualizing your desired artistic with an architect and designer, it’s important to focus around the values of restaurant and customers you want to attract. A beautiful interior design along with great customer service and delicious meals led to gaining a strong social media following.

2. The accessories chosen speak volumes

The restaurant accessories aren’t just decoration; they demonstrate status and wealth. The accessories you select immediately are identifiers of your space— with its social and cultural purpose—and transfer the same to your audience. Investing in a restaurant detail to potentially reflect the desired persona—whether it’s casual, fancy, hybrid or fast.

3. Lighting and more lighting!

The lighting must be dependent on the restaurant theme and emotions you want customers to feel.  Having natural lighting gives you psychological benefits as it improves acuity and mood, whereas artificial lights increase stress and metabolic activity. Adding neon signs is a great way for pinching a creative flair to your interior design and provides your guests something to share with their friends. Also its a great way to showcase your restaurant’s personality.

4. Who is your target consumer?

Restaurants are community spaces bringing people together. Whether it’s a business meeting, gathering with friends, host celebration or relaxation after a long day at the office, restaurant space needs to nonverbally communicate expected customer behaviors. Have a huge undertaking to design where visitors consistently rave about the atmosphere and contribute to restaurant’s popularity by sharing their experiences with their followers on social media.

5. Offer vivid experiences

The most critical thing a restaurant can offer is experience. For example, if you are sitting at the bar and bartender guides you through your meal, a private table for two or a cozy space with couches and banquets, or long communal tables, it becomes more of a personalized experience you were looking for. This ensures that you are welcoming as many types of customers as possible.


All the above mentioned things must be considered whenever you start conceptualizing about communicating your restaurant’s brand with target audiences. Prefer interior designing as a set of powerful non-verbal cues for gaining notoriety and attract customers. When compiled with awesome menu and top-tier service from staff, you can stand apart from the pack and upgrade from just another restaurant to an institution.

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I am Tamer who is associated with "AVEA Contracting LLC". AVEA Contracting LLC is a leading contracting company based in Dubai specialized in providing planning, designing, consulting, and construction services for any type of project. AVEA has rapidly grown into a trusted contractor in the emirates offering services in villas, building, fit-out-design, warehouses, steel works & other construction fields.

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